• Ersalina Werda Mukti


harmonic reduction, single tuned passive filter, high pass damped filter, ETAP 7.0


The installation of three units Electrolyzer added in the electrical system of PT Wilmar Gresik caused a failure in the installation of three winding rectifier transformer. The initial hypothesis of the problem was due to high harmonic level which causes current and voltage waveform are largely distorted. The high current and voltage harmonics should be filtered so that the existing harmonics are kept within the standard range so that the electrical system can be operated normally. This paper examined the method of harmonic reduction in the electrical system of PT Wilmar Gresik by combining single tuned filter and high pass damped filter which are classified as passive filter. The harmonic analysis has been done by using the IEEE standard 519-1992 while the system is modeled by using ETAP software. The harmonic reduction is limited to the filter installed at the medium voltage level 10.5 kV, the electrical system is in a steady state condition, and loads are operated. The simulation result shows that the installation of harmonic filter has effectively reduced the harmonic voltage level by 6.6% at bus PLN SS-B and 6.71% at bus PLN SS-C as well as increased power factor to be 95.2% shown at bus PLN SS-B and bus PLN SS-C from 89.8% and 84% respectively.


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