• Hadiyanto
  • Zulkifli


internet of think, thermal overload, smartphone, mikrokontroller, Arduino


Currently, the development in the field of technology is growing rapidly and has become one of the necessities of human life. The use of technology that is often used is only limited in general but is not used better. The technology in question is cellular technology where cellular technology has become like a basic need for society. This is because the smartphone functions to make calls, sms, exchange or send data, browse, and others. Smartphones have many features that can be used, there is a feature that can receive or send data, namely the Wifi feature. This wifi can be used even better than just exchanging data. The use of Wifi through microcontroller media has been widely carried out, including the use of the Internet of Think (IoT). Induction motor control with Arduino microcontroller produces a good level of efficiency and effectiveness (Hadiyanto, 2021). By utilizing an induction motor control with an Arduino microcontroller and a Node MCU, it is hoped that it can produce remote control and monitoring of an induction motor using a smartphone. In addition to controlling and monitoring, this tool will also be provided with a protection system so that electrical components and motors are not damaged so that they can cause short circuits or short circuits in components. Some of the protection systems will protect overcurrent using TOR (Thermal Overload) when there is a current surge when the induction motor is turned on.


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