• Steve Supit
  • Febriane Makalew
  • Deyke Mandang
  • Yosia Wurangian


Metakaolin, geopolymer, non-structural, building, construction


An innovative material for the repair of building construction is currently needed to reduce the maintenance and repairment cost especially when the building is exposed to seawater. This paper presents the use of metakaolin geopolymer mortar as a repair material for non-structural building elements. The experimental method was conducted to investigate the compressive strength and sulfate resistance of this material with variation of mixture proportions consisting of 100% metakaolin, 95% metakaolin + 5% cement, and 90% metakaolin + 10% cement compared with 100% cement as a control mixture. The on-site application was also conducted to evaluate the performance of the mixture when directly applied as a repair mortar. Based on the results, the utilization of metakaolin geopolymer mixture is very promising to be considered as an innovative product for repair and rehabilitation of non-structural building components to prolong the service life of the building construction based on its function.


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