• Anis Rosyidah
  • Bambang Suryoatmono
  • Adijoso Tjondro
  • Rinawati
  • I Ketut Sucita


epoxy, shear strength, pullout, bond strength


There are different types of epoxy available in the market for grouting materials. This epoxy helps connect reinforcement to structural components using sleeves, adhesives, and sleeve filling materials. Some of the epoxies tested consisted of depm-X, mapei, epoxyndo type A, epoxyndo type B, and epoxyndo type C. These experiments included epoxy shear testing and pullout testing. Based on the results of this test, type C epoxyndo was selected. In addition to the characteristics of type C epoxyndo, this epoxy is a local product, so it is easier to obtain at a lower price.


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