• Raswa
  • Muhammad Syafri Syamsudin


School Gate, E-Card Osis, Rfid Uhf, Esp32


The safety of a school environment is very important so that educational activities are achieved according to goals. Schools with more than 2000 students are certainly not easy to monitor at the same time as activities, such as when they enter or leave, or during certain needs. Not to mention helping other visitors besides students and teachers. The purpose of this study was to obtain the effectiveness of the OSIS E-Card using UHF and ESP32 RFID in real-time monitoring of school gates. The research method is used the Engineering method with the Forward Engineering type. The results are shown that the OSIS E-Card was quite effective in identifying students and other visitors so that the risk of school security disturbances was reduced because visitors' entry and exit could be monitored in real-time. Further research can be developed through the MQTT protocol and a longer RFID distance, more than 6 meters.


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