• Syukri Gazali Suatkab
  • Melda Dahoklory
  • Thenny Daus Salamoni
  • Alphin Stephanus (Stevie)
  • Elisabeth Tansiana Mbitu


internet of things, teaching aid, trainer


The internet of things (IoT) teaching aid, commonly called a trainer or a device used to assist IoT learning activities, is currently very much needed. Unfortunately, some teaching aids that have been developed or on the market only support input/output for sensor and actuator. This will limit the projects, development ideas, or utilization of IoT. Add-ins or completeness of devices to support wireless connectivity are needed as the main essence of the internet of things. For this reason, a prototype was built that can integrate a microcontroller, indicators with DC/AC power sources, experimental boards, and monitor screens using Raspberry Pi as the main processor. The teaching aid prototype has been completed and can be used for the internet of things learning process. The reliability of the Raspberry Pi allows the scale of the IoT project that is taught not only to read sensor data, but it is possible to utilize wireless networks via Bluetooth or wireless as well as implementation of more complex intelligent systems. In addition, programming for different microcontrollers such as Arduino can also be done without the addition of a laptop or computer because everything is integrated into the teaching aid container.


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