• Natasya Salsabila
  • Asri Wulandari
  • Reza Yusuf Merdekantara
  • R.Tubagus Khaidir Akbar


Automation System, Pipeline, Deploying Website, AWS


The increasing development of Information Technology makes companies need to optimize their performance. In its implementation, the website deployment process uses a manual method, so it takes a long time, and there is no website code version information which makes it difficult to find out the website version. To overcome this problem, an Automation System for deploying the website was created to speed up the Deployment process, Scalable Service, minimize errors, and develop monitoring of website code changes that will be used in the website presence deployment process. The results of testing the Automation System Deploying website with the standards of The Five Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework on the Operational Excellence aspect prove that the system is running well. The reliability aspect shows that the Website Deployment Automation System is reliable. In the aspect of Performance efficiency, it shows that Automation System for deploying the website is more efficient than manual Deployment websites and the system can be used to simplify the deployment process when code changes occur and create code documentation versions and the status of the website deployment process.


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Natasya Salsabila, Asri Wulandari, Reza Yusuf Merdekantara, & R.Tubagus Khaidir Akbar. (2023). PENGEMBANGAN SISTEM AUTOMASI DEPLOYING WEBSITE ABSENSI DI KISEL INDONESIA. Prosiding Seminar Nasional Terapan Riset Inovatif (SENTRINOV), 8(1), 494 - 501. Retrieved from