• Ali Masjono Muchtar Politeknik Negeri Jakarta
  • Agus Supriyadi
  • Aminah
  • Rahmanita Vidyasari
  • Wahyu Adhit Yatma


entrepreneurship, online shop, e-commerce, photography, unemployment


The high number of job seekers indicates that there are many unemployed, this situation occurs in RW 022, Tajur Halang sub-district, Bogor, there are 371 job seekers out of 1191 population. The community service team and the head of the RW took the initiative to guide 15 selected people to become entrepreneurs. Will being equipped with photography skills using cellphones, online store management and creating new entrepreneurial group be able to improve their skills to start a business? The coaching begins by providing photography skills using cellphones, they take pictures of merchandise prepared by the team, online store management by opening an online store in one of the well-known e-commerce providers in Indonesia and the management of a beginner entrepreneur group. The results show that there is an increase in business interest. They have been able to take photos using cellphones according to the desired criteria, have uploaded photos of merchandise to their respective stores and are ready to be sold. The group of budding entrepreneurs created for business sustainability, has been able to manage the funds that are used to increase the types and variety of their merchandises. Some of the participants have shown that online sales have occurred even though it is not sufficient yet. Marketing efforts continue to be conducted to increase customers’ visit and willing to buy


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