• Arni Litha PNUP
  • Mardhiyah Nas
  • Misnawati
  • Rahmi


Pamboang, flying fish, smoke house


This PKM program aims to provide a solution to the problem of the smoking process of flying fish (tuing-tuing fish) in Tappa Banua hamlet, Bonde Village, Pamboang sub-district, Majene district. To achieve the targets agreed with partners, methods for solving problems from the production aspect are needed, including equipment procurement, training, implementation, mentoring and evaluation.

The method offered and agreed on the production aspect of the problem is the provision of a smokehouse to maximize the use of smoke, which up to now has been wasted. The fuel used in the form of coconut shells and fiber produces a lot of smoke and will be trapped in the smokehouse so that more smoke will be used for smoking fish. The quality of the smoked fish produced is more hygienic and fuel use will also be reduced. The dimensions of the smokehouse designed are 120cm x 100cm x 180cm which can smoke around 20 kg of fish at a time.

After implementing this program, the results obtained are that the smoke produced by the smokehouse can be maximized for smoking fish so that the smoking time is shorter and the quality is better. Air pollution is reduced and visitors feel comfortable enjoying the dishes served, and eye and respiratory health is maintained.


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