• Paramudia Poli UPG
  • Farida Amansyah
  • Ani Dya Astuty
  • Askariani
  • Amiruddin
  • Aqilah Nurjihan P


Training, Needs Analysis, Teaching approach


The Initial collected information indicated that some English teachers of Darussalam Vocational Sunior High School (SMK) in Makassar, Indonesia particularly its English lecturers have problems in developing teaching approaches to meet the various needs of learners. The head and the teachers of the school admitted that some teachers found it difficult to identify the types of teaching approaches the students need to increase their teaching and learning effectiveness. Based on the information, we, the PNUP community service team, the school head and the English teachers, agreed to solve the problems by conducting a community service activities on developing teaching approaches to meet needs of the SMK students The activities involved 14 teachers from  the school. Finally, data based on the participants’ perception were collected both before and after the training activities by employing two sets of questioners. The contents of the initial and post questioners were similar. Next, the descriptive analysis was used to calculate the increase of participants’ ability level after participating in the activities. The data analysis results revealed that the ability of the participants to develop their teaching approach increased by 38%; from 35 % to 73%.


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